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Create Tomorrow 2020

Create Tomorrow is a brand based on the challenges of tomorrow. It all starts with a 2-day event on the 23rd & 24th of April. During the event, over 1000 students, scientists, innovators and industry come together in Enschede to inspire and connect with each other and to cling into the challenges of the future. During the first day, students and companies get inspired by keynotes, workshops and panel discussions around themes that are based on the sustainable development goals. This inspiration will be used in world’s largest competitive think tank that takes place on the second day. 1000 students will work in multidisciplinary groups on one of the innovative and present-day business cases and strive to come up with the best solution. Besides the hard work and the competition, relaxation and entertainment are included in the program as well. All participants are provided with the necessary brain-food and coffee, creativity stimulating activities, and other conveniences. If necessary, an overnight stay can be arranged as well.

This year we will take the next step after the event. We will have a critical view on what and who are needed to transform the best ideas of every case into a business plan that will be the base of the follow-up of the event. The students team-up with CEO’s and developers from innovative companies to get the best results. Students get support from innovators, and innovators get inspired by the ideas of the students’ free minds. Create Tomorrow encourages people to not only think about the future but also to create an impact on the world of tomorrow.


Together with your group, you work on relevant topics.


Get inspired by keynotes, workshops and panel discussions around themes that make a difference


Besides the hard work, entertainment delivers you the needed relaxtion.


Come up the best idea and win prizes!


Are you coming from far? No problem! We'll arrange you a overnight-stay!


You are provided with all comforts, from the necessary brain food to a spectacular afterparty.


The best ideas will be actively stimulated to be transformed into real business plans.

This was Create Tomorrow 2019. See you next year!

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