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Frequently asked questions

A lot of information is already on this website. However, it might be possible that there are questions remaining. To save you time in contacting us, the most frequently asked questions with their answers are listed here!

A student team must consist of between 6 to 10 students.

We aim to open registrations halfway through February 2023. More information about the exact date will be announced in the near future.

No, day 1 participation is not mandatory if you only want to be at the think tank. However, we do recommend to be present at day 1 since it will be full of fun and inspiring activities! 

More information about the companies and cases will be announced later.

Yes, there are costs that need to be payed when signing up your team. These costs are per team and not personal, which means that the number of students in your team does not influence the amount.

No, not necessarily. It is also possible to sign up alone or with a buddy. You will be put in a team with other single or buddy sign ups.