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The deadline for uploading your final solution is 18:00. For groups that upload their solution after 18:00 there will be no guarantee that your solution will still be assessed. Be aware that you need to fill out some additional information during the uploading process. Small remark: Don’t start uploading at 17:59.

If you have the winning solution of your case, you get to pitch it on stage! So you also have to hand in a presentation and already select a person that will give this pitch, since there is no time to do so when we announce the case winners.

In the end, you have to hand in 3 documents. Make sure to use the right file format!


1. Business canvas (for business case or scenario). Save as PDF with name: GROUPNUMBER_GROUPNAME _CANVAS.
2. Accompanying report of maximal 2 pages. Save as PDF with name: GROUPNUMBER_GROUPNAME_REPORT.
3. Pitch presentation (download here). Save as PowerPoint with name: GROUPNUMBER_GROUPNAME_PITCH.


We wish you all a lot of fun and good luck, coming up with the winning solutions! Please let us know if anything is unclear.