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The first day of Create Tomorrow 2020 we named Explore Tomorrow. On the 23rd of April, we bring together a large number of future thinkers to explore the challenges that we face within 4 central themes. The themes of this year will be Connected Healthcare, Energy Transition, Future Industries, and Smart Cities. Explore Tomorrow finds place in the city center of Enschede. On several locations, we offer visitors a full program of high-level keynotes, panel discussions, pitches of new ideas and innovations and lots of space to connect with each other.

Get connected to other forward thinkers, share your knowledge from your own experience and research and get in touch with industries to boost your ideas. Are you interested in the themes that will be discussed and are you willing to join the discussion? We’d love to invite and welcome you at Explore Tomorrow! Get your free tickets now!


For students, visiting Explore Tomorrow is the best preparation you get for creating the best ideas on your challenge during the think tank on the second day. Not able to join the think tank? You can still join Explore Tomorrow!

In short:

A great program with high-level keynote speakers

Gain new knowledge and insights about the latest technologies and researches

Connect with students, scientists, entrepreneurs, and professionals

The chance to participate in panel discussions and workshops on different topics

An inspiring and valuable experience