innovation starts here

Our mission

to innovate

Innovation is the process undertaken to conceptualize brand new products, processes and ideas; or to approach existing products, processes and ideas in new ways. It is crucial to the continuing success of any organization. Unfortunately, innovation is not a spontaneous process. That's where Create Tomorrow comes in! Students get the opportunity to closely work together with companies on the problems of tomorrow, striving for innovation.


Few activities are fun on your own. That's why at Create Tomorrow approximately 100 student teams get to work in 1 big tent. Sign up with your friends and enjoy a full day of activities. Not only is there the possibility to connect with fellow students, but also with innovators from national and international companies.

to entertain

Problems of the future are important to think about. However, it is also important to enjoy the present. During the event; interesting speakers, entertainment and lightshows will keep you entertained. The think tank will be concluded with an epic afterparty!


Inspiration is important to stimulate creative and innovative thinking. There will be a range of innovative companies and interesting speakers who are there to inspire and motivate. Groundbreaking ideas follow from inspired thinkers.


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