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A lot of information is already on this website. However, it might be possible that there are questions remaining. To save you time in contacting us, the most frequently asked questions with their answers are listed here!

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

How many students should my team consist of?

A full team should consist of 6-8 students.

what companies offer cases?

This can be seen on our timetable. Not all companies are announced yet, so keep an eye on our socials to remain up to date!

When will i be able to sign up?

Registrations are opened! Go to sign up to get your ticket.

Can i join alone or with a smaller team?

Yes, this is no problem. You can sign up alone and as a sub-team with a total of 2-5 members. After registration, you will be combined with other single signups or sub-teams to form a full team. 

what are the costs of participation?

Yes, there are costs that need to be paid when signing up for your team. These costs are per team and not personal, which means that the number of students in your team does not influence the amount if you have a full team (6-8 students). A full team will cost €99. If you have sub-team, costs will be €16,50 per person.


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